Manage your Projects –
easyJOB provides the optimal Support.

Professional Project Management

We help you to plan and steer your agency-based projects in the best way possible. The combination of an ERP solution and a project management software in a single tool provides the perfect foundation. easyJOB covers all the bases when it comes to project processing.


Project Planning and Scheduling

With our agency software you can plan, steer and monitor all of the deadlines, processes and resources involved with the project. This provides you with an outstanding overview of the project and allows you to make any necessary adjustments, should a project start to go off track. 

Project Processing, Steering and Controlling

easyJOB makes project steering more efficient, as the scheduling is directly linked to the commercial processing. The foundation for this is the “Job Sheet” which covers every facet of a project, and the Jobcenter which works as a monitoring tool, giving an entire overview of all projects. 

Get to know easyJOB

We will gladly demonstrate the advantages of using easyJOB in a free, online presentation. You can also test a demo version of easyJOB yourself.