The Jack of all Trades: easyJOB [ –
Ideal for Media and Full-Service Agencies.

Browser-based Media Management

Born from over 20 years of experience in media departments and media agencies, we have developed an entirely new media tool, which is completely integrated into our web-based agency software, easyJOB. This served to replace its predecessor "easyMEDIA" in 2011.

easyJOB [] maps out the entire process – from media planning, procurement and handling, to the final bill. The flexible "easyDataVisualizer" tool allows you to create analyses and statistics which can easily be exported to Excel. The overview can be interactively customised to suit your needs. The best part: All of this can be done in one single, easy-to-follow workflow.

More information can be found on the easyJOB [] functions page.

Get to know easyJOB

We will gladly demonstrate the advantages of using easyJOB in a free, online presentation. You can also test a demo version of easyJOB yourself.