Media Processing Today –
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Great Performance in one Tool: Media Software for Experienced Professionals

easyJOB [] offers you all of the media-typical billing methods for on schedule and comprehensive media processing within a few simple steps.

Media software for media processing

Basic Functions

  • Joint planning and billing of media and production costs
  • Presentation of all media agreements supports even the most complex billing procedures
  • Presentation of time limited preferential conditions

Working With easyJOB []

  • Direct order from the media management application via E-mail or fax.
  • Collective order to several publishers/ service providers
  • Global changes to many media management assignments e.g. changes to discounts
  • Pre and final billing, also monthly invoicing (typical with online media)
  • Discount credit and additional charges
  • Discount controlling and optimisation
  • Document controlling and assessment
  • Calendar view of media management assignments
  • Media management, also available as an iCal subscription for you customers

Get to know easyJOB

We will gladly demonstrate the advantages of using easyJOB in a free, online presentation. You can also test a demo version of easyJOB yourself.