Using Resources Effectively –
Drag & Drop to Assign Tasks.

Resource Planning and Task Allocation

You and your team are totally finished? Do you prefer to say that about your tasks? Organise your appointments and To-Dos in a clear and efficient manner. Our agency software makes it very easy.

Ressource planning and task allocation

Inputting Target Times

Setting out time allocations for your employees is a prerequisite for effective resource planning. This allows you to take holidays, sick days and other absences into account, when looking at what capacities are available within your team.

Breaking Projects Down into Subtasks/ Project Breakdown

In the second step, projects are broken down into the different subtasks. Deadlines, priorities and target times can be defined for each subtask. The task/appointment list in easyJOB shows all the tasks and deadlines in a clearly organised manner. If you prefer employing agile workflows, you can use the Kanban-Board view.

Distributing Capacities and Planning Resources Online

The subtasks are then distributed amongst the team based on the Waterfall Model starting from the top. While doing so, it is important to continually compare the employee capacities with the project planning. You can react quickly when capacities are exceeded by postponing deadlines or by assigning tasks to another team member.

Interactive Working

  • Multiwindowing: Using different windows simultaneously – i.e. when you select “allocate tasks” and the list of all the not yet allocated “To-Dos” appear clearly laid out in a new window.
  • Drag & drop over two windows: Easy allocation of tasks by dragging and dropping these onto the selected employee’s jobs.

Get to know easyJOB

We will gladly demonstrate the advantages of using easyJOB in a free, online presentation. You can also test a demo version of easyJOB yourself.