Extensive Controlling Functions –
So You can Stay on Top of Your Numbers.

Informative Reports – Anytime

You know that your agency works well. Even so, it is better to be able to review all your projects at any given time. There is always something that could be improved. Perhaps you have also noticed some weak spots and finally want to identify these. easyJOB will help you with this.

easyJOB Jobcenter

Optimal Selection

In the Jobcenter you can select only your own jobs, all the jobs of a certain customer or choose entirely different aspects on which to base your selection. The sophisticated search wizard helps you with this process and saves your favourite searches. All your employees’ day-to-day entries in easyJOB make it possible for you to continually compare planned and achieved values as well as returns vs. expenses. easyJOB organises this complex data into an easy to handle format. This ensures that you are well informed of all economically relevant processes at every phase of the project. 

Get to know easyJOB

We will gladly demonstrate the advantages of using easyJOB in a free, online presentation. You can also test a demo version of easyJOB yourself.