Core functions easyJOB

The easyJOB functions make it possible

We are experts in putting your individual wishes into practice

easyJOB can do many things - but most importantly, it does exactly what you would like. Even the standard version includes all of the functions that an agency would typically need. With its modular structure, the standard package is easily built upon with complementing features, allowing individual departments or particular work practices to be better supported.

We offer a wide range of additional modules that are easily integrated, such as interfaces to bookkeeping, SEPA-integration or an app for hour logging.

Tour of easyJOB’s core functions

Start page / Dashboard

Configure your own personal start page: place your most frequently used functions directly on the start page so you can work comfortably and efficiently. Widgets allow you to see all the most important information, such as upcoming appointments as soon as you open easyJOB.

Commercial project execution

The job sheet forms the central foundation from which you can control entire projects at a glance and in just a few clicks. Here you can calculate your services, create offers, and hours that have already been recorded are compared to the target hours. Entered incoming and outgoing invoices are displayed directly for each service, so you can always see the current project status. In addition, you can also display all communications relating to the project.

Project management

Never miss a deadline again! With easyJOB you can plan, control, and monitor all deadlines, processes and resources related to projects. Use Gantt chart or Kanban board presentations for agile working.

Production processes

easyJOB supports your production with clever functions. Send inquiries to producers, compare offers, create production plans, and place orders - in easyJOB the individual work steps are optimally interlinked so that transparent and secure processes are guaranteed.

Controlling / Reports

easyJOB enables you to carry out highly extensive evaluations directly on the screen or as an export. easyJOB offers a variety of layouts depending on the context within which you require the reports. Use our standard layouts or adapt them as necessary. We can also create individual report templates for more complex requirements.

Working time recording

easyJOB helps your employees to record their working time easily, correctly and in compliance with the law. With extensive evaluations, you also keep track of all working hours, breaks and rest periods and can immediately identify possible overtime.

Hour logging

Hour logging is far from popular, but it is necessary. We help you to find the best method for your needs - suitable for both the individual working methods of your agency and your controlling requirements.

Accounting preparation

Record your incoming invoices seamlessly and assign them to the corresponding jobs and services. Benefit from automated billing proposals created by easyJOB based on your master data. Payment control and the financial accounting interface optimise your workflow.

CRM / Groupware

easyJOB offers quick access to email, calendars, addresses and contact histories for perfect collaboration. As all data are connected, everyone can immediately get an up-to-date overview of the work status for each customer. easyJOB also provides you with all the necessary tools for new business.

Human resources

easyJOB covers all of the most important areas of human resource management. From the management of master data and the administration of absences to complete applicant management.

Resource planning

Nothing is more important than the reliable planning of your capacities. Create various subtasks from your projects and assign deadlines, priorities, and planned target times to them. With the resource view, you always have an overview of the availability of your employees.

Document management

With easyJOB you will never lose another file. Take advantage of our seamless document processes in which all documents created by easyJOB, such as offers, invoices etc. are automatically saved in their corresponding folders. The clear structure of our programme also helps you to assign uploaded documents easily and correctly.

Customize layouts

With the "easyDataVisualizer" we offer a technology that enables a flexible display and individual configuration of the display layouts.

App, add-on modules, and interfaces expand the basic scope

We have developed a clever App for you with which you can stay up to date on the go. You can query your data, log hours, and create appointments and tasks.

The easyJOB interfaces expand the range of applications and web services (API) enable the integration of third-party programmes such as Jira. By these means you can optimise your processes according to your desires in a leading system and avoid inconvenient isolated solutions.

Around 30 add-on modules cover specific requirements for certain departments, such as finance and (preparatory) accounting, production, and media.


Tailor made solutions

Due to its wide range of functions, easyJOB can be optimally customised to suit your agency's type and size – and more importantly – your individual workflows. In order to achieve this, we ensure that our software is tailored to fit like a glove. From the offset, easyJOB will provide exactly what you require, making the transition and daily tasks as convenient as possible. Depending on how your company grows and develops, easyJOB will follow with a high degree of flexibility. It even allows you to easily adjust a wide range of settings yourself:

  • Parameters and system settings
  • Personal options and favourites
  • (De)activation of menus and functions
  • Fine adjustments to user access management
  • CI-adjustments to forms and interfaces
  • Dashboard personalisation (widgets and functions)
  • Creation of individual display layouts and reports
  • Customisation of widgets and job assistants
  • Expansion of databases with additional fields
  • Flexible interfaces to other solutions