easyJOB [media.pro] Media software

easyJOB [media.pro] – Media management

Browser-based media management

The add-on module [media.pro] expands easyJOB with extensive media functions. It offers you all the media-typical billing methods for on time and expansive media management in only a few steps.

easyJOB [media.pro] maps out the entire process – from media planning, procurement and handling, to the final bill. And the best part is: all of this happens in a single, easy-to-follow workflow.

The integration of easyJOB [media.pro] into the proven concept of easyJOB creates a new and very interesting alternative to other available solutions – also in terms of price. Media processing today means more than just planning and billing media bookings. In easyJOB [media.pro] you can handle your media services equally with fee and production costs. A decisive advantage, especially for full-service agencies and their customers.

Documentation of media agreements

easyJOB [media.pro] exploits a newly designed solution for the maintenance and documentation of all media agreements. All relationships between customers, media and service providers can be found here - for each type of media and booking form. In this way, you can easily and clearly define multiple discounts, fees, commissions, early payment discounts and surcharges for set periods.

Customisation of data views

You can create evaluations and statistics with the flexible "easyDataVisualizer" tool. You can interactively adapt all views according to your requirements. Initially, you can define the displayed views and Wysiwyg output to Excel yourself in the media calendar. With only a few clicks, you can configure and save layouts as templates for distribution, cost, and production plans as well as comprehensive media evaluations.

easyJOB [media.pro] Media calender
easyJOB [media.pro] Media calender
easyJOB [media.pro] Media calender
easyJOB [media.pro] Media calender

Current tariff data always available

We have been working closely with the tariff data provider Mediaservice Wasmuth for many years, so that you can obtain media data for your disposition with easyJOB [media.pro] via our tariff server. With easyJOB [media.pro], all print and online categories from Germany, Austria and Switzerland are clearly arranged and at your disposal. Of course, you can also enter your own tariffs, e.g. for foreign media or your own price agreements. Alternatively, you can also consult Planbasix, the universal reference work.